Cleft Coffee sends fresh roasted coffee to the men and women who serve our great country. Whether you’ve come to this page because you’ve heard about Operation Share the Love and want to support our troops or you’re supporting a group who’s participating in our “Love our Troops” fund-raiser, you have the opportunity to impact someone’s life! When you purchase a cup or even a bag of coffee for the troops, we’ll get it to them on your behalf. It may sound like a small thing, but it’s our hope that every cup of coffee we send will not only bless our men and women with the best quality coffee they’ve ever had, it’s an act of love that assures them that there is a network of people all across the United States of America who care for them and want to say "Thank you!"

We might not be able to bring them home any sooner. But, we can bring a “peace” of home to them!

Please buy a soldier, Marine, or serviceman/woman a cup of coffee today and we’ll get it to them.




(10 Cups)


*We send Whole bean, Ground, or single serve cups, based on the needs of the location requesting coffee.

We proudly support our military

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